Dez Bryant made his triumphant return to the NFL on Sunday as the Baltimore Ravens took on the Indianapolis Colts. Bryant hadn't suited up in an NFL game since 2017 when he was playing with the Dallas Cowboys. After being cut by the Cowboys, Bryant played for the Saints for a brief period although an Achilles injury took him out of football.

After a couple of weeks on the Ravens practice roster, Bryant was upgraded to the main team and while he didn't get any receptions on Sunday, there is no doubt he was excited about making his way back to the field. While speaking to reporters after the game, Bryant spoke about just how special it was to be back out there after such a long hiatus.

“It’s surreal — just being back in the locker room, just being on the sideline, just being here with these guys, it’s exciting,” Bryant said. “Seeing the game up close versus just watching it on TV, I felt my competitive spirit come back alive.”

While Bryant didn't make a huge impact in his return, he is expected to be utilized more as he continues to learn the offense. By the end of the season, Bryant could very well be a major contributor on this championship-favored Ravens squad.

Dez Bryant

Bobby Ellis/Getty Images