Desiigner has been compared to Future throughout his career. While the comparisons have died down since "Panda," he still faces comparisons every time to time, typically from trolls and hecklers. However, it looks like Desiigner might be fed up with it. According to TMZ, the rapper swung at a heckler in the crowd who referred to him as a Future rip-off.

Footage of Desiigner throwing a punch at a fan during a concert in Denmark has emerged. In the clip obtained by the tabloid site, Desiigner is seen getting heated during a back-and-forth with a concert-goer before things begin to get physical. Desiigner grabs the man before throwing a soft punch. However, it doesn't seem like Desiigner actually connected. The audio isn't too clear but you can hear Desiigner say Future's name at some point before he swings at the heckler. Peep the clip below.

This is one of two altercations that Desiigner got himself into during his recent trip to Europe. On Monday night, presumably after his concert, the rapper got kicked off of a Scandinavian Airlines flight. He claimed that an older flight attendant got a bit too handsy which prompted him to "spazz" out on her and ultimately, being removed from the flight. The rapper then went on social media to encourage fans to boycott the airlines.