Denzel Washington's first sequel movie ever The Equalizer 2 hit theaters last month, and the film gave the legendary actor another number one hit. Washington is known for playing the badass, as his characters must always overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to get a task accomplished. Although Alonzo Harris from Training Day may be one of the most famous movie gangsters of all time, there is one man that definitely sits higher in the gangster hierarchy. Tony Montana.

While doing a press run for The Equalizer 2, Washington and director Antoine Fuqua briefly touched on the idea of making a Scarface remake together with Black Tree TV. Fuqua first reveals that he is helping with the development of a script, which has been known for some time now. Originally, the film was set to hit theaters this year with Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) attached to play the infamous drug dealer. Delays in production and creative differences have pushed the movie back. After revealing that he wasn't satisfied with the direction of the script, Fuqua jokes that he would love to see Washington play Montana. 

"I want him to be Scarface," stated Fuqua. "You gotta leave Al alone," jokes Washington, citing Pacino's legendary performance before breaking out into an imitation. "I'd have to be a Dominican," laughs Denzel before doing his own rendition of a Dominican Tony Montana. Skip to 4:40 in the clip below to watch the hilarious impersonation.