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Denzel Curry Shares New Single & Accompanying Video "Clout Cobain"

Denzel Curry - Clout Cobain

  Jul 12, 2018 00:13
Check out Denzel Curry's new single "Clout Cobain."

It appears Denzel Curry is finally ready to share his new album TA13OO. Having teased it over the past year or so, Denzel went ahead and made the project available on iTunes today, ultimately revealing that TA13OO will be dropping later this month & be delivered in three separate acts (see more info here). To coincide with this announcement, Denzel has also treated fans to a new pre-order single and accompanying video as well called “Clout Cobain” which we're highlighting right here for y'all.

The visual serves as a statement of the juxtaposition artists struggle with today, attempting to be themselves while being under constant scrutiny to entertain and follow trends to stay afloat and hold on to “Clout." The video finds Denzel at the center of a twisted, drug-addled circus as he contemplates fame & and being a pawn in the hands of the industry. It’s a rather dark, sadistic clip that’s directed by Zev Deans, but one that fans & other artists can definitely relate too.

Out now on iTunes, check out the new single and let us know what you think. Look for Denzel to be hitting the road starting next month as well. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Quotable Lyrics:

I just wanna feel myself, you want me to kill myself
Man I been on my own, Lord, Ima need some help
I just wanna feel myself, you want me to kill myself
Man, it's been so damn long, dealing with the things I've felt
Suicidal thoughts, call it Kurt Cobain
Suwu leather seats, like a bloody stain
I need hella bass, I need hella pain
You gon' wanna cry, I'ma make it rain

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top comment
The great donger
- Jul 12, 2018

He’s got it

Éric Therrien
- Jul 13, 2018

Pretty cool shit song and video

- Jul 13, 2018

Not feeling this... Hes been dropping banger after banger up to this tho.

#305 own

- Jul 12, 2018

holy fuck this some gas

hopefully he finally get some rec and i cant wait to hear jids verse on the album

- Jul 12, 2018

this ONE SINGLE is more quality than Drake's last three albums. Curry will be on top by the end of July....

- Jul 12, 2018

He can do it all. Legend

everybody is sad

- Jul 12, 2018

this seriously might be my fav song by him now this is fire

ScHoolboy Q AKA God
- Jul 12, 2018

GOAT under 23 and under

- Jul 12, 2018


Jar Jar Binks
- Jul 12, 2018

This shit hot

Holy fuck, this is the Denzel I fuck with heavy

- Jul 12, 2018

best video of the year tbh

- Jul 12, 2018

This is how modern trap should sound

- Jul 12, 2018

the play on ICP and fanbase is funny af- song lit

- Jul 12, 2018


- Jul 12, 2018

turn that 6 upiside down at the least.

- Jul 12, 2018

Ive been following denzel since raider klan in like 11 its really cool to see how much hes changed imperial is top 5 of all time for me and i know he can do it again SUPPORT THIS MAN

Curry bout to take it over this year & he deserves it - FINISH THEM !!! #TA13OO

Duckworth McVay
- Jul 12, 2018

Tab13oo bout to fuck up the game

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