It's no secret that XXXTentacion and Denzel Curry grew close as time wore on. This afternoon Denzel posted a paper transcript of what appears to be XXX's never released album Bad Vibes Forever. All the significant details are included in handwritten notes, save for a few words which are easy to make out with proper context. The document was posted via Denzel Curry's Instagram.

On the left hand side, the notepad bears a list of names under the header Features, such as Robb Bank$, Ronny J, Abra, Nicole Dollanger, Kellbender, Teen Suicide, King Yosef, Fifty Grand, Ethereal, Craig Xen, Fat Nick, Pouya, and a host of local favorites Denzel Curry included.

On the right hand side, XXX lists the prospective tracks contained on Bad Vibes Forever, of which some have leaked to the public at least two years ago around the time he disclosed his troubled past on a now iconic edition of the No Jumper podcast hosted by Adam22. 

In order of sequence the handwritten note lists the following song titles. The tracklist cuts off after the 15th title, but a 16th and 17th are teased at the bottom of the page.

Bad Vibes Forever 

1. "Demonic" (featuring Adam22)

2. "I Can't Write Love Songs"

3. "Selfless"

4. "Might Off Myself"

5. "your lonely star"

6. "Hell is to Close" (featuring IndigoChildRick)

7. "Run Forrest Run!"

8. "Wednesday"

9. "Geneva" (featuring Ethereal & Denzel Curry)

10. "Yung Bratz"

11. "Fake Friends"

12. "Broward Coward" (featuring Doja Cat)

13. "Didn't Think I'd Live This Long"

14. "Depression and Obsession" (featuring Abra & Nicole Dollanger)

15. "Deathwish" (featuring Robb Bank$)