The rumor mill had people thinking Deelishis bagged herself 50 Cent as a boy toy last year. She has finally addressed the matter in a video interview and has done so with gusto. The Flavor of Love star definitely has a thing for the rapper, but she confirms that her sexual fantasies have yet to materialize.

"I swear, I was just gonna let it sit there, and oh my goodness, YES! Have we done that in our dreams? In mine? Yes. That's gotta be another headline. but you're gonna have to hit him up and ask him if he had that moment in his self. If he says yes, then we probably should give each other a phone call. But no."


 Prince Williams/Getty Images

She also spoke on her history of plastic surgery. "I have been under the knife, however, it hasn't been to my face. It's only been to my breast and to my abdominal area. I've had a tummy tuck, " later adding, "If I did it to my face, you would have total evidence because I scar pretty badly."

She laughs off the idea of having revamped her booty with surgery."I came on the scene with a big butt. Google me."

The reality television star addressed other sex rumors as well. Watch the full clip below.