Dee Barnes is one of the most recognized and revered hip-hop journalists. Earlier today, she sat down with Wendy Williams where she discussed some of her most memorable interviews. She dove into detail about her interview with Ice Cube which resulted in an altercation with Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Basically at the height of [Ice Cube and N.W.A's] feud — and what people don’t understand was that we were all friends, we knew each other behind the scenes,” she recalled. "[Dre] hadn’t left yet. He was still a part of the group so I interviewed the group about their popularity, about Straight Outta Compton. Cube was leaving the group so they were separated and the segment was switched where Cube said something about the group and it was edited into the show, completely out of my hand, into their particular interview, which played on Pump It Up!"

Barnes continued to speak on the altercation where Dr. Dre brutally assaulted her. Barnes elaborated further on the assault before explaining that she managed to get away and tried to escape to the women's restroom but Dre followed her in there. 

“He continued to assault me in the women’s restroom,” Barnes told. 

“Beating you up? Were you sexually assaulted?” Wendy asked. 

“I’m not comfortable talking about everything right now,” Barnes replied tearfully. 

Your silence is speaking volumes,” Wendy replied.