Real recognize real. From "Awaken, My Love!" to Atlanta, Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino had an insanely successful 2016. In a recent Wired article "Inside the Weird, Industry-Shaking World of Donald Glover," it was confirmed that superstar comic Dave Chappelle is a massive fan of Gambino/Glover. The legendary Chappelle's Show comedian said the following about the Atlanta star: "I can’t keep up with all the shit he’s doing, but it’s all damn good. That he can do it all blows me away."

Chappelle went on to discuss why the racial dynamics of their respective television projects are different from one another. He said, "My show was a sketch show, and Donald’s is more of a regular sitcom. And then we’re in a different time. Race is more nuanced today, and that helps the message. It’s been 10 years.”

Do you think we'll be seeing some kind of collaboration between Chappelle and Glover in the near future? We sure hope so.