Dave Chappelle is using his fame for good as he joins a long list of celebrities who have urged people in America to vote today. The comedian campaigned for Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Ben Jealous and even called citizens and knocked on front doors reminding everyone to cast a vote for his "Godbrother."

“Put me on your speakerphone, please,” Dave said to cold callers, as seen in the video below. “This is absolutely Dave Chappelle the comedian and I’m calling you guys with fantastic news: You’re on the cusp of having a wonderful governor in the state of Maryland named Ben Jealous.”

Dave calls Ben is Godbrother because their fathers were best friends and he's supporting him because he's confident Ben will "do the right thing by Maryland.”

In another video Ben and Dave even help a woman carry groceries into her home, proving that Ben's the man meant for the job. 

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