Toronto's beloved singer Daniel Caesar was the honourable guest on John Mayer's Instagram Live Show alongside Dave Chappelle and needless to say based on the headline, things got weird. During the beginning of the show, Dave and John were introducing Daniel but Dave's non-filter comedy mouth described Daniel as "very gay."

Right away, there was a pause where Dave said, "Oh, I'm sorry did I say that out loud?"

The "Who Hurt You?" singer was just behind the lens and when asked by John and Dave if he was ready to set up and play his music, he responded by asking "what the fuck was that?" admitting he was offended. John tried to turn things around telling Dave to "clean it Up" and apologize, but Daniel suggested that maybe he was just being "sensitive."

"I'm trying to think about this," Daniel said off camera. "Maybe I am being sensitive."

Luckily by the end, things turned around and ended with Daniel throwing his arm around Dave explaining how he's a fan of the comedian. "Well now I feel bad because I made you feel bad," Dave said. 

Watch the clip below.