Based on a late 80s family sitcom, Danny Brown debuted his new Jonah Hill-directed music video for "Ain't It Funny" on Periscope Tuesday afternoon. Co-starring actress Joanna Kerns the mother, Danny Brown goes crazy on his lily-white family in a The Shining meets Growing Pains comedy mashup.

The Detroit rapper's "Ain't It Funny" is heavily influenced by another D-town rapper, Eminem. "Uncle Danny" goes psycho-on-meds in the suburbs and kills a couple of relatives or thinks he did. Meanwhile, his suspicious nephew gets evil red eyes reminiscent of Damien, the child Antichrist in The Omen. Even the music evokes a wild horror/slasher flick. We definitely need more Brown-Hill collaborations.

If you've missed the live broadcast, don't worry. Danny Brown has plenty more where that comes from on his latest album Atrocity Exhibition.