A couple of days ago just ahead of the weekend, we learned that Damon "Dame" Dash was allegedly auctioning off his impressive sneaker collection and even some Roc-A-Fella RIAA plaques online by way of eBay.

Well, the good news is they’re most definitely Dame's stuff. The bad news? He’s not the one selling them.

The music executive hopped onto Instagram to address the subject, informing everyone that it was a call from rapper Cam’Ron that brought the sale to his attention.

“I got a call from Cam yesterday, he said, ‘Yo Dame, niggas got your shit on eBay,’” Dash said. “I said, ‘What?’ So this is some shit I ain’t seen in like 12 years. I got cribs all over the place and offices all over the place, and sometimes I lose track of my stuff. I guess apparently it was in storage for like 13 years.”

Among some of the exclusive items up for sale are limited edition Nike SB Dunk Low Supremes, Nike Air Force 1 Roc-A-Fellas, sample Air Force 2 sneakers, and Roc-A-Fella 35th Anniversary Adidas Superstars. Aside from sneakers, buyers also have the opportunity to cop pieces like a framed poster of Vibe Magazine’s 10 year anniversary issue, a platinum plaque for Memphis Bleeks’ Coming of Age, his platinum plaque for Cam’Ron’s Come Home With Me, a platinum plaque for Aaliyah’s Blackground, and a frame photo of Dame, JAY-Z, and The Notorious B.I.G. playing monopoly with real money.

With great pieces of memorabilia like these, it certainly leaves us wondering how one can just “lose track” of them as Dame claims to be the case. Nonetheless, a few hypebeasts and Hip-Hop enthusiasts will soon be the proud owners of some impeccable pieces of Hip-Hop history.

“They said they tried to get in touch with me, but they spoke to my lawyer,” Dash added. “I fire lawyers frequently. I guess they auctioned my shit for like $18,000. Somebody came up. I do wish there would be a little morerespect But y’all know I ain’t auctioning my shit. I lose shit and people auction it. That can happen. But I didn’t care.”

If the sellers really did get a hold of all these items for a grand total of $18,000 as Dash implies, they’re about to come into some serious net cash flow with bids on some pieces going for as much as $60,000. Check out the full catalog here.