Last month, a rumor resurfaced surrounding the instance in which Damon "Dame" Dash allegedly slapped Harvey Weinstein on the set of "Paid in Full." 

It was when Dipset hopped on the "Once Upon A Time" reunion track that the story got new life after Cam'Ron let out the line, "No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team / That's the reason Dame smack Harvey Weinstein on the set of Paid In Full / Y'all gave him hell about it." 

In a recent interview with TMZ, Dame finally cleared up what transpired on that day, well, kind of. When prompted by the publication on whether or not the story was true, he stated that someone definitely got slapped, but failed to clarify if it was Weinstein or not.

"The answer to the question is, yes, somebody did get smacked on that set. I got sued over it, but I won. Harvey was someone that was trying not to put out my movie, and I had to really get aggressive with him to make sure that he did right by it, and had I not fought for the movie, you would've never seen it." 

In the clip, Dame explains that he was privy to Weinstein actions in relation to the recent sexual allegations coming up against him, and that he chose to distance himself from Weinstein because of it. He would also go on to explain that he, himself, turned over a new leaf when it came to the treatment of women in Hip-Hop, specifically referring to his controversial role in Jay Z's "Big Pimpin" video. 

"When I was young and in Hip-Hop, I know that disrespecting women, you got a positive response from it. But, I look at the things like "Big Pimpin," I'm embarrassed at it. I would never want my daughter to have to go through that, and if I ever saw my son doing that, we would have some serious issues. When I had daughters, I realized that I would never want anything done to a girl that I wouldn't want done to my own daughter."