As people mourn the loss of Kim Porter, many of her loved ones are sharing untold stories about the deceased. Dallas Austin offered details about his relationship with Kim Porter and how their past romance served as the foundation his movie entitled "Drumline."

According to the caption attached to a throwback picture of the young couple, their relationship holds a long history, being nurtured from birth onwards.

“This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to do…my mom and Kim’s mom was pregnant with us at the same time in Columbus …I have never known a life without Kim porter from kindergarten through all of our lifelong experiences in high school, having matching bmws or her being the biggest believer in me making it as a producer and us getting out of Columbus to be somebody ..and we made it!! we were inseparable I feel like a part of my soul has been taken away.”

The producer revealed how his film was based on true events centering around their romantic connection.

“Most people don’t know that Zoe Saldana played the role of Kim in “drumline” as nick cannon played my character ..we saw purple rain 15times in the theater and if you knew her you knew a strong beautiful smiling gangster angel ! I know GOD is perfect but sometimes even perfect can make a mistake”