While DaBaby is enjoying enormous success at the moment - riding the wave of his incredibly hot summer into the fall by dropping a new album this week - there's an equal amount of stupidity that comes with all that attention. Rather than basking in celebrations for the release of Kirk, DaBaby had to take a moment out of his day to address a rumour about him circling around the Internet. Somehow, a super fan obtained DaBaby's high school yearbook photo and in the blurb next to it, people were shocked to read that "the most inspirational person in his life [was] his wife, Ashley Kirk." 


DaBaby is often detailing how much of a ladies man he is in his songs, so all his boasting was called into question when this evidence suggested that he was actually tied down. The North Carolina rapper has also come to be perceived as heartthrob, likely due to the shirtless videos he posts of himself dancing on Instagram or the cherubic dimples that frame his cheeky grin. For this reason, some fans took to Twitter to express their devastation upon discovering that DaBaby was off the market. 


However, DaBaby caught wind of this story and went on Instagram to tease his fans for being deceived, lovingly calling them "stupid ass hoes." He explained that his girlfriend at the time edited his blurb to mess with him. "Shawty was in the yearbook club, she got off [crying of laughter emoji]. That's my dawg tho," Knowing this information, it makes more sense that his blurb also started off by saying, "Jonathan is intelligent, handsome and the best at everything he does." Although DaBaby radiates confidence in his songs, describing himself in this manner would have been a bit over the top.