We recently posted on reports that Da Brat has filed for bankruptcy with her debt totalling near $7 million. A good chunk of her debt ($6.4 million) is owed to former cheerleader Shayla Stevens after Da Brat assaulted her by hitting her in the head with a bottle at a club years ago. According to new documents from The Blast, Brat may be facing jail time since blowing off a court order surrounding the case. 

It seems as though Da Brat thought filing for bankruptcy would clear her from paying Shayla since she reportedly alerted her team that she has no money. Shayla's lawyers have no mercy and are petitioning to get Da Brat in court to show her financial records and want her held in contempt for skipping on previous hearings. The "Give It To You" rapper thinks Shayla and her team are being unreasonable and notes how the possibility of jail time for contempt will make things a lot harder to pay Shayla back. 

As stated before, Da Brat's assets may help her clear some of her bills. Apparently "her assets include a 1999 Mercedes 238i ($5k), a 2014 BMW 328i ($15k), and a 2016 Jeep Wrangler ($23k)." Other materialistic items include furniture, jewellery, clothing and electronics.