Da Brat is not going through the best of times right now after new reports from The Blast say the "What Chu Like" like rapper in sinking in debt and has filed for bankruptcy. The publication says she owes over $7.7 million and has assets totalling $108,700.65.

Da Brat's biggest liability is said to be $6.4 million to a former cheerleader (Shayla Stevens) who sued the artists after taking a bottle to the head at a nightclub. She also owes over $1M to Sony Music and thousands to Ally Bank. Documents show over $2K in credit card debt and money to the Georgia Department of Revenue, with an undisclosed amount to the IRS. 

A good chunk of money could be dropped off her debt if she turned in her assets. The publication says "her assets include a 1999 Mercedes 238i ($5k), a 2014 BMW 328i ($15k), and a 2016 Jeep Wrangler ($23k)." Other materialistic items include furniture, jewellery, clothing and electronics.

Apparently, her monthly income is $9,319 but her expenses total $10,506.55 so she's still going in the negatives. Lil Kim has been experiencing some serious bankruptcy issues in the last few months, Da Brat should call up her industry sister for some moral support.