Despite the faint cries of "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" still echoing in the faintest corners of your mind, it's been a relatively quiet 2020 for the Griselda movement. Some might call that the calm before the storm, as Conway The Machine has officially returned to set it off with a new EP called Lulu A joint collaboration with The AlchemistLulu features a reasonable serving of seven tracks, complete with features from ScHoolboy Q and Cormega. Check out the tracklist for yourself below.

Zachary Mazur/FilmMagic/Getty Images

1. Intro
2. 14 KI's 
3. The Contract
4. Shoot Sideways ft. ScHoolboy Q
5. Calvin
6. They Got Sonny ft. Cormega
7. Gold BBS's

Though brief, Lulu will be produced in its entirety by Alchemist, who has already proven himself to be an invaluable ally to The Machine. Who better to conjure up hard-hitting and cinematic lo-fi backdrops for Conway's gritty lyricism -- outside of Daringer, of course, the Griselda movement's de-facto producer. Still, it's about time that Alchemist starts getting the love he deserves, as one of the game's most consistent producers of, well, perhaps ever.  

Lulu also happens to be a collaboration with Patta, who have come through with a badass limited-edition capsule. As pictured below via Conway's Instagram, the capsule will include a copy of the vinyl, a jacket, and a SnapBack; should you be interested in purchasing, you can check back on March 30th when Lulu arrives in its entirety.