Last night President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share news about his big plans for national security and his plans to help remedy the "carnage" going on in the city of Chicago. In the tweet below Trump claims that the homicide rate is up 24%  and vows to send the feds to the city if things don't get better soon. 

Now, it appears that Chicago native Common is 100% against Trump's plan to send federal officials to his hometown as the rapper voiced his opinion on the President's comments at LAX this afternoon. In the following video, Common was stopped by TMZ reporters and asked how he feels about Trump's plan for Chicago. While the rapper remains calm and collected in his response, he makes it very clear that he is not concerned with the President, but more so focused on how to work within the community to fix the problem as he states, "We need our stay local people to do things we don't need that type of mentality, so I am not focused on the president right now I'm focused on helping the people in the city."

You can watch the full clip in the video below. Stay tuned for more details on this situation as they develop.