If you've been keeping up to date with hip-hop music videos, chance are you've seen some of Cole Bennett's work. Recently, the Chicago-based videographer laid down visuals for Carnage, Mac Miller, and MadeinTYO's "Learn How To Watch," MadeinTYO's "Too Quick," and the Yung Bans/Lil Skies collaboration "Lonely." Known for his masterful use of surreal video effects, crisp cinematography, and sharp editing, Bennett has become the go-to guy for interpreting the vibe's of the young generation. 

The young auteur recently linked up with Forbes for an feature, which examines the rise of his "Lyrical Lemonade" brand.  To be clear, simply labelling him a music video director is doing Bennett a disservice; as he explains, "Lyrical Lemonade" encapsulates event coordination, shows, film production, and merchandise. In other words, driving the culture. An impressive statistic from the clip reminds us that his work has been viewed over five hundred million times, for some context.

In the clip, which is a must-watch if you're interested in Bennett's movement, he explains some of the pressure that comes from organizing a show. "If anything goes wrong, it's Lyrical Lemonade," says Bennett. "You kind of have to understand that whatever you're creating, however many people are involved, it goes back to one person." For more from Cole Bennett, including further details on his craft, as well as some artist insight check out the video in full below.