Rapping YG and Nipsey Hussle's "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)" seems like the least someone could do in wake of Trump's ascent, but fans of University of Louisiana at Lafayette's football team are up in arms when a video of players doing just that was posted online.

According to The Advertiser, coach Mark Hudspeth was forced to apologize and discipline his players after a clip showed them dancing and rapping along to the song.

"I am disappointed by the actions that a few student-athletes demonstrated," Hudpseth told the publication. "The immature behavior of those individuals is not condoned by our program. It does not represent our entire team or the views of the University. We’ve disciplined four student-athletes and are taking steps to educate all of our student-athletes to prevent this from happening again."

According to the article, Hudspeth actually defended his players' actions at first, arguing that anyone who voted for Trump has "done much worse" than what was going on in the locker room (which actually took place before Trump's election).

Posts relating to the video called for Hudspeth's firing, with comments such as "Not sure what is worse — the behavior of the team members or the pathetic response of the man who is supposed to be leading them."

Nipsey Hussle has responded to the story with three simple letters "FDT."

Watch the video for "FDT" below.