ClockworkDJ is planning on celebrating Mac Miller's birthday in a way that would honor the late artist. The event will be open to the public and is set to take place in Brooklyn, New York on January 19. Tickets to the party are available via his website."I contemplated doing this event for a while because its hard for me to accept that my boy is gone," Clockwork tweeted. "But deep down i know if mac was here we would be partying somewhere for his bday listening to some cam’ron or max b."

He also explained his intention further with his announcement on Instagram which specified the reason for choosing to host the party in the big apple. "His birthday is this Saturday (1.19) and like we have done in the previous years on macs bday, we celebrate.. LOUD. I wanted to do something in ReMembrance of his day that the whole city of new york can enjoy," the producer stated. "He loved NYC, he moved here like a year after me. Just him and I living in Brooklyn exploring the city."

A couple of weeks after Malcolm's passing, Clockwork came through Sway in The Morning and reminisced about his beloved friend. View the interview and dj set below.