City Girls' rapper JT went off on a fan who leaked their Instagram DMs, Saturday, after the fan claimed she refused to repost a picture of her friend's dress. JT responded by clarifying that the fan was mistaken and went off on fans who attack her on social media

"So my 18-year-old friend made a dress JT inspired," the fan wrote on Twitter. "All she wanted her to do is report it and this was her response! And no she never did report because Instagram would've said she did! Just rude asf."

JT posted a statement on Instagram explaining that she did post the dress and this is the reason she deleted her Twitter account.

"I don't have to get the assignment, do it for y'all! Be it! Fit in, hold my tongue! Bitches really be like 'I don't like her.' Soooooooooo what bitch I don't like y'all either!!!!!!!!!!" She said in the post. "I deleted my Twitter to get out y'all way!!!!!! & y'all stillll use my name for a mention!!!!! It's getting sad!!!! Y'all know ima curse y'all ass out when I feel attacked so y'all attack me then call me rude I'm not rude I don't directly bother y'all, WTF! Go head!"

Check out JT's response below.