Following Bill Cosby's unearthed admission that he'd used Quaaludes to drug women unknowingly, Chuck D has become the latest celebrity to weigh in on his rape allegations. While stating that his comments were by no means a "defense" of Cosby's actions, the Public Enemy frontman addressed fans on Twitter, seemingly arguing that the backlash against the comedian has become extreme.

"We are living in a wild bizarre time. Character assassination very real DrCosby & ConFed flag down in same week.Status is currency to masses," he wrote, adding, "They're taking his name & statues down but is every situation giving his money back to him since its dirty money?"

He then compared Cosby to Marvin Gaye, who he suggested was responsible for drug addiction, attempted murder, wife abuse, and pedophilia, but has not suffered the same "character assassination. He later expressed the "wiping" of Cosby's history was akin to "Nazi book burning".

Have a look at some of his tweets below. How do you feel about his stance?