After officially having her breast implants removed last week, Chrissy Teigen commemorated the occasions with a "RIP" graveyard cake that bid farewell to her boobs. Last Thursday (June 11th), Chrissy officially confirmed that she'd had surgery to get rid of her implants after announcing her plans to do so in May. After spending some time in recovery from the painful procedure, Chrissy was ready to celebrate her new look with a cake from her friends, Meghan Mackenzie and Luke Dillon. On Tuesday (June 16th), Chrissy posted a photo to her Instagram story of the custom-made novelty dessert, which is shaped like a pair of breasts in a black bra. Above the frosting cleavage, a tombstone features an epitaph that reads "RIP 2006-2020."

Chrissy Teigen breast implants removal surgery operation cake RIP graveyard

Chrissy first broke the news last month that she would be ditching her implants soon after folks began questioning why she'd been tested for COVID-19. She confirmed that this was now standard procedure before going under the knife.

After the operation last week, Chrissy revealed that although it was successful, she was "so so so so so sore." However, she shared some photos of some hilarious cards that her daughter Luna had made her, indicating that this was the only thing making her feel better. “BYE BOOBIES," Luna wrote. "Have fun pulling your boobies out. Love Luna."