Chrissy Teigen legit just gave birth to her second-born, but she still has time for advocacy. She is encouraging her fans to donate to ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). The organization is a proponent of human rights. Teigen chose this particular day to share her message as it happens to be President Donald Trump's birthday. She proposes a creative way of celebrating the nation's leader as he turns 72. This text post appears on her Instagram with the caption "happy birthday": 

The last time the ACLU got this type of attention was last year, amidst the "Delete Uber" debacle. Lyft donated millions to the organization. Bandcamp also made financial contributions in 2017.

This particular initiative, led by Teigen and Legend, is clearly meant to be oppositional to Trump's brand, despite the message's positivity. Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend have publicly criticized the president and his administration on multiple occasions. Most notably, John Legend had reached out to his friend Kanye West, who has consistently professed his admiration for Trump, in attempt to have him reconsider the conclusions of his "free thought." Kanye's gentle curve sent by text message was made public, but Legend and his family continue to advocate against some of the Trump administration policies. 

Teigen is so vocal about Trump that she was part of the list of people he blocked from Twitter.  She also happens to be considered one of the hottest women, according to Maxim. She's kind of a bad*ss.