Chris Paul is one of the best players in the NBA and considering he is in the midst of a playoff run, there are a lot of eyes on him right now. Unfortunately, this can also lead to some compromising positions, especially when it comes to social media. In the past, we have seen numerous players get their Twitter accounts hacked and Paul was no exception on Thursday night as one person was able to get a hold of his page.

In the screengrabs shown below via Clutch Points, you can see some of the obscene tweets that were written throughout the hack. The hacker even tweeted out that CP3 owns "ADisney and LeMickey" which, of course, are nicknames for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That tweet was fairly tame compared to the rest of the messages although it goes to show the ridiculousness that went on.

Eventually, the tweets stopped and now they seem to have been deleted. The only thing that remains from the hack is a couple of retweets that have yet to be undone by Paul or his social media team. Regardless, this is not what you want to be dealing with right now, especially after a devastating loss in Game 3, which now has the Lakers up 2-1 in the series.

Hopefully, Paul has changed his password to something truly indecipherable. 

Chris Paul

Christian Petersen/Getty Images