When Chris D'Elia first delivered his now infamous Eminem Impression, some fans weren't sure how to interpret it. Yet Eminem seemed to derive great amusement from D'Elia's portrayal of his recent delivery, going so far as the dub the parallel uncanny. Eminem's fans already know of his penchant for self-deprecation, which has been evident throughout many of his formative music videos. Yet some have likened him to a curmudgeonly figure of late and expected the full wrath of Shady to be unleashed in D'Elia's direction. Quite the opposite, as Em and Logic made sure to include a lengthy sample of D'Elia's freestyle as an outro to their "Homicide" collaboration.


Now, D'Elia has issued a Twitter statement about his inclusion, once again showcasing his humility and praising both Logic and Em. "Hey. So @Eminem and @Logic301 put my impression of Em on their new song. It comes out this Friday. I’ve known for a few days but since it’s Friday in some countries, I’m tweeting it now. Things like this are just... unreal to me," he writes. "Thanks guys."

What do you make of D'Elia's inclusion? A welcome addition or a drawn-out outro? Many have already begun debating the track since its international release; some ride for the pair, while others nurse their inherent distastes. Have you been enjoying "Homicide?"

Rick Diamond/Getty Images