More developments in the on-going legal drama surrounding Chris Brown. The latest news is that Breezy has rejected a plea deal for the incident which occurred outside his hotel in Washington, D.C., when Brown allegedly punched another man.

Chris Brown appeared in court today in connection with the assault charge, and while it was revealed that the prosecutor had offered Brown a deal to reduce the charge to a simple assault rather than a misdemeanor assault, Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos rejected it.

As TMZ reports, law enforcement sources were previously scouring the area in D.C. to find video surveillance that might have captured the run-in, but none could be found. Now it appears as though they might have dug up something, but Brown's lawyer has yet to see it. Nonetheless he's sure that his client is not guilty, so he welcomes any video footage before he attempts to cut a deal.

We'll keep you updated on Chris' next court appearance, whenever that might be.