The talk of this weekend was evidently and expectedly about Black Panther, with many of the stars showing up at NBA All-Star Weekend to remind people that the movie is out now. Chris Brown didn't need a reminder though, as he was undoubtedly fascinated by the film. Breezy took to social media to pretend as if he was the star of the film, replacing Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, the king of Wakanda.

CB captioned the shot, "LOVED THE FILM," clearly impressed with the performances of the actors and the movie all-around. Breezy recently showed off his athletic skills at the Hip-Hop All-Star Game on Friday, hitting the blunt with The Game when he wasn't on the court. The multi-talented artist showed off his painting skills as well in a different post, still influenced by the first ever major black superhero film, spray-painting an ode to Black Panther. Chris wrote on the second image, "BIGGER THAN A MOVIE," and, in many aspects, he's right. Black Panther has made history, breaking box office records on opening weekend and inspiring many young black youths that, they too can be superheroes.

Breezy was recently quoted as saying that he wanted to put together a super tour with Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Bruno Mars. We will need to wait and see if that, or a version of it, ever sees the light of day but we're skeptical that Rihanna would ever go on tour with Chris, given their storied history.