Chris Brown can now move on from the "brawl" lawsuit that went down last year at a basketball pick-up game. Chris and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, managed to settle with the alleged victim, for a rather small amount according to TMZ.

Malcolm Ausbon filed the lawsuit, claiming Chris and 3 members of his entourage gave him a beat down in the middle of a hoops game they were playing at a 24-Hour Fitness last year in L.A.  Malcolm then went on to threaten that if Chris didn’t cough up $250k, he would then be talking with the cops.

In the end, TMZ reports that Ausbon did get paid, but way, way less than his asking price. Sources connected to Chris describe it as a "nuisance payment", that was no more than 4 figures. No exact figure was revealed however.

This comes a month after Chris’ Rihanna assault case was closed and his probation ended as well. Look like some of Chris' legal woes are finally coming to an end.