Chris Brown and Rihanna have a deep and very public relationship stemming back to their teens. Even as years pass, it appears that Rihanna is still on Chris Brown's mind on a pretty frequent basis. Every few months, Breezy will make something on social media towards Rihanna that makes everyone uncomfortable.

Earlier today, Rihanna shared lingerie photos in anticipation of her upcoming Fenty x Savage line. This quickly became an opportunity for Chris Brown to slide into her comments and thirst over her. It's unsure if his intentions are to win over Rihanna or to troll the masses but if it's the latter, then it's surely working. The singer's comments sparked outrage across social media but Breezy wasn't done yet. He returned to his Instagram story afterward where he shared the same photo Rihanna shared, except this time, he photoshopped a picture of his face next to her.

This type of incident has happened before, although the singer claimed that he was hacked. Back in June, comments that came from his account appeared under Karrueche's Instagram picture. The comments themselves weren't necessarily positive since they clowned Karrueche's new man, Victor Cruz's sense of fashion. Breezy later clarified that his account was hacked, although that excuse has been used since the dawn of social media. I guess we'll never know.