In the modern era, it's become more and more acceptable to be a nerd. You can rap about dealing drugs and killing people, but still be very invested in the newest Pokemon game. Even an incredibly cool person like Michael B. Jordan can be open about their love of a traditionally geeky activity like watching anime.

Chris Brown appears to be a big fan of Deadpool, to the point where he's gone ahead and purchased the entire suit, guns and all, to wear for himself. In a post he made on Instagram last night, Brown is pictured in full superhero suit, with all the props and belts to go with it. He's posting in front of his matching, bright red sports car, just for that extra flex factor. He captions the post with, "I really act like I’m in the movie after I see it. 😂🙏🏽 @vancityreynolds."

Hopefully Chris Brown doesn't take that literally enough to start going on car chases and murder sprees like the character in question, but either way he's clearly a huge fan of the film. While our own reviewer wasn't too keen on the flick, it's been a massive hit with audiences, breaking a box office record that was once held by the original Deadpool film.

It could be that the next time you see a Deadpool cosplayer at a comic book convention, it was actually Chris Brown in disguise, or perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for Brown to break into the film industry, maybe as a sidekick in Deadpool 3.