While it's been tough to keep up with, Chris Brown and ex-girlfriend Karrueche have had some serious drama over the last few months, mainly stemming from news that Chris was the father of another woman's child. 

Things heated up recently when Karrueche spoke on the break-up for the first time in a radio interview, and model Tyson Beckford posted a photo of him and Tran together (which saw Brown lash out on Instagram).

Following the reignited tension between the former couple, it seems Chris has been doing some reflecting. Going long on Instagram today, the singer spoke of his confusion with love and fame. He attributed the dramatic events we've been hearing about to him being "in his feelings" and also his tendency to "be a dog sometimes". Later on, he pledges to become a better person, and stop contributing to the negativity, stating, "I refuse to be petty and attention seeking."

Read his full post below.