Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran may no longer be an item, after his girl (and Breezy for that matter) discovered that Brown had a nine month old daughter. During an interview in March, Karrueche admitted she was still in love with Brown, and it appears those feelings could be mutual.

Over the weekend, model Tyson Beckford posted a photo of himself with Tran. A seemingly innocent selfie caught the attention of Chris Brown's friend/artist Kid Red, as well as Chris himself, and they were none too happy with it. As we've seen in the past, the r'n'b singer's short temper often gets the best of him, and with the presence of social media, that means his thoughts are broadcasted for the world to see. 

After seeing the photo, Brown took to twitter to threaten Tyson/subtweet at him. "U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playin' like I ain't wit the bullshit." He added after, "I'm done all this internet talking blood. Be in Vegas soon. Keep playin' I'ma fuck yo baby mama and whoop your child like it's mine." Breezy, a habitual deleter of tweets, has since removed the tweets from his profile but screenshots can be seen in the gallery above.

Tyson played things off with the tweet below. Check out the Instagram photo that started it all below as well.

[via HHDX]