Meek Mill's unfortunate 2015 got a lot worse yesterday when a judge ruled that he was guilty of violating probation still lingering from a crime he committed nine years ago. With sentencing set for February 5, it looks like Meek may be returning to jail. Chris Brown expressed support for the beleaguered Philadelphia rapper last night, as he went off on a furious Twitter rant last night railing against the justice system. "The system is set on bullshit," Brown wrote. "The DAs and JUDGES get just as high as the next man and fuck people's lives up!"

Meek's probation violation was twofold: he failed to inform his P.O. that he would be traveling to the American Music Awards to perform there, and he submitted cold water during a urine test. Chris Brown knows a thing or two about being on probation, but as he noted on Twitter, he is not currently on probation. "I ain't on probation so I can tell y'all kiss my ass!"

Read Breezy's full Twitter rant below.