Chris Brown sent another shot at Soulja Boy Monday. The R&B singer teamed up with stand-up comic and actor DeRay Davis to recreate Soulja Boy's ill-fated trip to Compton last month. In the video, Davis, better known as Ray Ray in The Barbershop movies, walks around claiming he's a celebrity. 

"Yo they say DeRay no celebrity. Deray be out here. I'm Hollywood. Yo what's up homie," Davis says, parodying Soulja. He puts his arm around Breezy's shoulders, who's quick to push him away grinning. Brown posted the video to his IG account.

Last month, Soulja took a major L trying to prove to Brown he's genuine Piru. In a video since gone viral, Soulja Boy, wearing a blood red beanie, almost gets beat up in Bompton trying too hard to impress. A guy he was trying to fraternize with snatches his phone away from him.

Known as the second version of the #SouljaBoyChallenge, this isn't the first time people have made fun of the episode. Still, it's the latest in Breezy and Draco's game of one-upmanship in view of their announced boxing fight in Dubai. Watch the video then compare it to the real thing.