Chris Brown and Suge Knight are two people who've been constantly involved in issues with the law. Back in 2014, a shooting at 1Oak Nightclub reportedly left three people injured including Suge Knight. The event, which was a VMA after-party hosted by Breezy, was shut down and later on, Brown and Suge were sued by multiple people due to the shooting. However, as they get ready for trial, they're asking the judge to dismiss any evidence pertaining to their gang affiliation from the case.

According to TheBlast, Chris Brown and Suge Knight are battling against being labeled "scary black men with gang affiliations" in their upcoming trial. Court documents indicate they've asked the judge to rule any evidence of their "reputation and character" as invalid in their upcoming trial over the 1Oak nightclub shooting from 2014.

“In this civil action,” they argue, “the purported gang affiliation of Knight or Brown is irrelevant to the issue of defendant’s negligence.”

Their attorneys added, “Painting Knight and Brown as scary black men with gang-affiliations is an attempt to prejudice the jury against the defense and to raise some heightened sense of legal duty.”

Neither Suge or Chris Brown are accused of being the shooters in the incident. However, the plaintiffs have claimed in their case that both Breezy and Suge's gang affiliation and pasts played a factor in the shooting.