Who'da thunk that Chris Brown and Drake would one day join forces in the quest for chart domination? After all, the pair once nursed enough mutual animosity to earn the title of "mortal enemies," despite no diss tracks having ever been crafted. At some point, however, some hatchets are better off buried. Especially when there's money to be made. And rest assured, Breezy and Drake are quite the draw, as the success of "No Guidance" has evidenced. With that one in the books, it's no wonder that the newfangled duo have returned to the booth to lace a followup.


Last evening, Breezy took to Instagram during the night's wee hours, sharing an image of himself and Drizzy looking imposing by a cityscape. While that in itself would likely get their respective Stans good and riled, the accompanying caption was the gasoline to the flame. "Somethings coming," writes Chris, effective in its simplicity. What it is, we have yet to see, but all signs point to new music. 

After all, Drizzy has been openly speaking of "album mode," lurking in the studio for hours, scary hours at that. It's entirely possible that he and Chris Brown cooked up a small batch of material, and if we're lucky, "soon" actually means soon in this context. Are you here for some more Chris Brown and Drake material?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images, David Becker/Getty Images