Almost a year after hearing the original concept & idea, Childish Gambino’s long awaited comedy show, “Atlanta,” is finally coming to fruition. On Thursday, news surfaced that the show has been picked up by FX for ten episodes.

Set to air next year (2016), the series will follow two cousins trying to make it in rap scene in one of hip-hop’s biggest & most impactful cities, Atlanta. Donald, who’s one of the show’s main writers & directors, will also star in it as Earnest "Earn" Mark, a man who returns to ATL and ends up managing the career of his cousin, Alfred Miles (played by Bryan Tyree Henry of “Boardwalk Empire”). Other cast members who are set to star in the comedy include Lakeith Lee Stanfield ("Dope") and Zazie Beetz ("Applesauce").

“Atlanta draws on Donald’s considerable talents as a musician, actor, and writer to give us something unique,” says the President of FX Original Programming Nick Grad. “The story is made all the more powerful by the great cast and the contributions of Donald’s fellow executive producer Paul Simms and director Hiro Murai. We can’t wait to for the debut of ‘Atlanta’ next year.”

We’ll continue to update you with details on the series as they become available. Who’s excited for ‘Bino’s next small screen role?