We're a little surprised that we weren't entirely expecting this twist to happen in the ongoing beef between Chief Keef and 6ix9ine. With the baby mommas brought into the equation, Tekashi took full advantage by taking Slim Danger out shopping, copping her a brand new Gucci waist bag. For weeks, Keef's baby mama has been flaunting her connection to both rappers on social media and while we weren't expecting her to drop a single, we can't say we're 100% surprised.

Proving to everybody that she knows how to extend her 15 minutes of fame to their full extent, Slim Danger just released a track called "Gucci Fanny" and, you guessed it, it's all about the gift 6ix9ine purchased for her. Referencing both rappers by name in the track, the mix includes plenty of auto-tune to mask her vocal imperfections. One of the YouTube comments rings absolutely true as a spectator wrote that you don't become a rapper overnight just from picking up a mic. With everybody and their grandmothers trying to step foot into the rap game, it can be difficult to determine who is worth your time. Making sure to keep her name fresh in people's memories, we can't fault Slim Danger for trying to make as much money as she can off of this beef. In fact, if Chief Keef is really the "deadbeat" she claims him to be, then props to her for growing her bank account.

Check out the official audio below and let us know how you feel after listening to it.