Chief Keef finally released his long-awaited album, Bang 3, at the top of the month -- or at least we thought he did. Sosa quickly revealed that the solid project we received was only half of the album, and that a second disc would be arriving soon.

It now seems that second disc is very close, with FakeShoreDrive reporting that the project is expected today. Keef Instragram'd a photo of the file sin itunes with the caption, "PT 2 out now," though the pic said pre-release expected September 18th, so we're not sure what to think.

FSD also came through with the official tracklist for disc 2. From the title of the first track, and the one feature courtesy of Based God, it seems we have something very special awaiting us.

Update: the album is available for pre-order on iTunes. Expected release date listed as September 18th.

Tracklist is below.

1. Pee Pee’d
2. Wit It
3. Bouncin’
4. Charge My Car
5. Get That Sack
6. Irri f/ Lil B
7. Racist
8. Gloin’
9. That Night
10 It’s More
11. OG Fiji
12. Tree Tree