Chief Keef and Lady Gaga have a somewhat of history together, thanks to social media, the two have got their flirt on. Lady Gaga has also stated that she's a "big fan" of Keef and that she turns up to the GBE rapper when she gets her make-up done. It looks like all that internet flirting may have turned into a real life collaboration, if Keef's now-deleted tweet is to be believed.

Keef took to Twitter this morning to make a big announcement, before then deleting said announcement. The Chicago rapper tweeted, "Got this raw ass song featuring Lady Gaga!" with an emoji following this, of course. A Twitter user managed to grab a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted, so yay internet, it's in the gallery above. Although Keef deleted the tweet, this is a pretty plausible collaboration not only given their past flirting but the fact that they are both signed to Interscope.

Is this a collaboration you'd be interested in hearing? Let us know.