We've been having a hard time turning off Lil Herb's new mixtape, Ballin Like I'm Kobe, and it seems we're not the only ones. Herbo shared a pretty hilarious story from a fan on Instagram today, pointing towards a Chicago student who refused to stop listening to the rapper's new project in class. 

According to a teacher's write-up, shared by the student on Twitter, the kid would not take off his headphones after being asked repeatedly to do so. When he was threatened with suspension, he also had a pretty perfect comeback.

“______ is being written up because he refused to remove his headphone’s and turn off his cellular device during my lesson. I asked him several time’s he then responded ‘Nah im good, this Ball like im kobe you tweaking. I warned him a second time and said if he didn’t remove his headphone’s and turn off the music he would be suspended. He joked around with several classmates and replied, ‘Why the fuck you lying in a singing tone…"

As far as we know, the student wasn't actually suspended for his behavior, so his reference to everyone's favorite meme was pretty spot-on.

The teacher later writes "One student informed me that it was a mixtape they had been [waiting] to hear for years". Fazoland and Pistol P Project came out in 2014, but the anticipation still feels about right.

Read the whole write-up via his tweet below.

If this hasn't already convinced you to listen to Herb's latest, read our review of the project here.

[H/T Fake Shore Drive]