This week we see Trey Songz maintain a spot within the Billboard 200's top 10, although he fell from the grace of #1. We're also seeing just how quickly Robin Thicke's Paula is going to fall off, as it already finds itself nearing the edge of the top 50. Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea's growing star power and excessive radio play keeps her debut album at a very healthy spot within the 200, never falling too steep-- if she maintains as she's been doing, it's likely that she'll become a Charts staple.  In two days time, Common will drop his new album Nobody's Smiling, which we will definitely find somewhere near the top of the 200, although how far up remains to be seen. Majid Jordan dropped their iTunes release, A Place Like This, at the end of this week, so we'll have to wait and see if OVO and Warner Bros backing give Majid Jordan enough push to chart.

1)         Trey Songz— Trigga: Trey Songz made his debut at #1 last week, and this week the descent begins as he drops to #4. During his second week of charting, the singer moved another 34,000 units, which brings his total number to 139,000.

2)         Iggy Azalea— The New Classic: Iggy Azalea may not be too well-liked within the hip-hop head community, but she’s got these charts on lock. The rapper is on her way to mainstream status no doubt, with The New Classic rising up again this week to #16, while “Fancy” continues to dominate airwaves (which we uncovered the reason for this past week). The New Classic sold 12,820 albums this week, while her total sales are at 233,103.

3)        Michael Jackson— Xscape: MJ also saw a spurt up the charts this week, although nothing too drastic. Coming in at #18 this week, Xscape sold 12,619 units. Total sales for the album are 364,656.

4)        Pharrell Williams—G I R L: G I R L remained pretty visible on the Billboard 200 for several weeks, but now we’re seeing it fall off slightly. The LP dropped down from #29 to #35, after charting for 19 weeks straight. P pushed out 8,049 units, with his total sales reaching 469,353.

5)        Robin Thicke— Paula: Paula’s worldwide sales have been pretty abysmal so far, and it’s not looking like that’ll change. This week the album plummeted to #41 from a #9 debut, moving 6,540 units. Total sales for the release are 30,305.

6)         G-Eazy— These Things Happen: G-Eazy’s new album has done pretty well for itself, as an independently-released project.  The album  dropped down to #43 this week from #26, moving out 6,207 copies.

7)        August Alsina— Testimony: August Alsina experienced a similar to drop to G-Eazy, although his was slightly more steep, from #23 to #44. After 13 weeks of charting, his debut album sold another 6,070 units, with total sales of 156,531.

8)        Eminem— The Marshall Mathers LP 2: Eminem fell 9 spots this week, finding himself at #64. MMLP2 has been going strong for 36 weeks, and managed to sell another 4,410 copies over the course of the last week. His total sales are 2,155,247.

9)        50 Cent— Animal Ambition: Fif’s new album hasn’t been his strongest in terms of sales. This week the album fell to #67, after 6 weeks of charting he already finds himself below Eminem. Nonetheless he still sold 4,213 copies, with total sales approaching the 100k mark but not quite there yet, 90,820.

10)       Beyonce— Beyonce: Beyonce’s self-titled release continues to drop a bit each week, with this week falling to #71 from #65. The album, which has already broached the 2 milly mark, moved 4,161 units this week. Total sales stand at 2,011,937.

Further down the Billboard 200 we find Jennifer Lopez's A.K.A. album, sitting at #79, the album sold 3,766 units this week (total sales of 50,687). Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience 2 is still charting too, rising up to #83. The album's total sales are currently 1,011, 997. Jhene Aiko's Sail Out EP is below JT at #86, dropping from last week's #61. Even further down is Drake's last album Nothing Was The Same, at #96, it moved 3,256 copies this week, with total sales of 1,593,724.