Charlamagne Tha God recently published a book about his struggles with anxiety. The radio host has been increasingly vocal about the mental health concern and seeks to educate his following through social media too.

A "Charlie Brown" character embodies a representation of anxiety, according to the entertainer. He uploaded a picture of Linus, the thumb-sucking kid, with a long caption that breaks down his association with the condition. He starts by pointing out the infamous blanket Linus carries everywhere.

"Some say he was a baby boy who couldn’t get rid of his comfort toy. I say he was a young middle child who knew that a weighted blanket could help relieve his Anxiety, Stress, Agitation, and Insomnia not to mention the constant PTSD he suffered because of the verbal attacks from his bully of an older sister Lucille Van Pelt."

Charla says that the character's disheveled hair and oversized biceps hint at his struggles. He got jokes but also makes good points.

"The constant sucking of the thumb, The dependency on the weighted anxiety blanket, hair looking like he hasn’t had a good nights rest in days. By the size of his forearms I would say his weighted blanket was about 30 pounds if you notice in this picture he’s doing a wrist curl with it and nothing works the forearm flexor muscles like wrist curls."

Essentially, his "homage" highlights representation that has been around for decades under the public's nose. He hopes the people who identify with the image can find strength in Linus.

"Anyway the moral of the story is if you up under your weighted blanket right now like I am just take the time to pay homage and acknowledge the weighted blanket warrior who came before you name Linus. Have a Blessed Night."