If anyone on Earth might have some insight into what's really going on in Kanye West's head, it'd probably be Charlamagne Tha God. The two of them recently sat down for a nearly two hour interview in which Kanye opened up about pretty much everything from Taylor Swift, to Barack Obama. However, it seems that even Charlamagne was confused by Kanye's recent TMZ stunt. 

Kanye West made a trip to the TMZ offices alongside conservative commentator, Candice Owens, yesterday, and the result was pure chaos. Alongside flaming hot takes like his "400 years of slavery sounds like a choice" comment, TMZ employee, Van Lathan, took it upon himself to confront Kanye and tell him exactly how a lot of us have been feeling since his return to Twitter. The clip has since gone viral and has inspired a lot of praise for Van's actions.  

Charlamagne also joined in on showing respect to Van for his statements, and also had some additional comments to share about the whole incident. In an Instagram caption he wrote, "First of all this is why @vanlathan is one of my closest friends, second of all this TMZ appearance and the #WeGotLove conversation I had with Ye both being out today is the most Gemini shit ever and 3rd of all what big word would @troubleman31 use to describe what we are witnessing because I have not a clue....."

T.I. seemed just as confused in his post about Kanye's appearance, so it seems like the world may be at a loss in understanding why Kanye is doing what he's doing.