Interviews offered by the crew from The Breakfast Club are usually pretty candid. They keep blessing fans with interesting quotables or controversial topics. It comes as no surprise that Taylor Bennet's appearance on the show made for a radical conversation. A most memorable statement came from Charlamage Tha God who said, " Hip Hop is gay as hell," to which Taylor responded in agreement, "Hip Hop is gay as f*ck."

Bennett finds himself in a particular position as a black Hip Hop artist who also happens to be queer. Ultimately, the rapper simply wants equality for his peers and their progeny. To that end, he sheds light on the fact that the Hip Hop game is full of "gay people" who simply haven't had the privilege of coming out.

" Hip Hop is gay as f*ck but also know that there's a lot of Black people that never had the opportunity like me to come out. That's what I want to do is I want those motherf*ckers to feel comfortable."

He also extends this sentiment to his homophobic haters.

"I want your kids to feel comfortable. N*gga, you can hate on me but Imma put this out and make sure that when your kid is in school that he gets to be whoever the f*ck he wanna be."