Generally, when you attend a wedding, you want to dress your absolute best. There's nothing worse than feeling underdressed when everyone around you is rocking a tuxedo or a ballgown. When your name is Kanye West though, that unwritten rule is completely thrown out of the window. Ye doesn't dress up for anybody or anything. If he feels like it, he'll put on a suit. However, more likely than not, you'll be seeing the man in some Yeezy joggers, a hoodie, and boots. When he attended his friend Chance The Rapper's wedding this weekend, Kanye decided to subtly dress up, wearing an oversized button-up shirt and some black jeans.

On Friday, Chance The Rapper announced that he would be exchanging vows with his fiancée Kirsten Corley over the weekend. The two are officially wed and many of Chano's influences showed up to wish the couple well in the next stage of their life together. Kanye West, who Chance has idolized for years, was in the crowd. So were Kirk Franklin and Dave Chappelle. The Chicago rapper posed next to some of his mentors, including Ye and Dave, posting a group shot on Instagram. That came just before he posted a gallery of beautiful photos of himself and his wife, looking stunning on their big day.

Congratulations to Chance and Kirsten!