Chance The Rapper married the love of his life, Kirsten Corley, this past weekend in Newport Beach, California. The couple met when they were just nine-years-old and before the big day, Chance shared a detailed recalling of the first day he met Kirsten and how he was shy to talk to her because he knew she was the one. 

Chance and Kirsten met at an office party and Chance had been nervous to dance in front of the crowd. 

“Not just because it wasn’t my party, not because it was their moment to dance, not even cause I was nervous about dancing in front of folks," he wrote. “It’s cause I knew I was gonna marry that girl. And I aint [sic] wanna jump the gun … so I … moved to the back of the crowd and never even introduced myself.”

After already sharing images from The Bennett's special day, Chance has now dropped off more snaps of his "Big ol family" from his wedding day and the days leading up to it. The gallery shared to Instagram includes photos of Kim Kardashian, Taylor Bennett, and a video of Chance and Kirsten taking off in a Ferrari - low key things.